How You Can Help

God is truly at work in the Marche-Canard area as people are being saved, set free and called to reach others. Yet there are still many great needs.

There is an open door at HECM for missionaries and teams to come for short term and long term missions to take part in all that is happening. The experience is life changing.

A project was started to build a new chuch building but is running slowly due to lack of funding. Construction teams and donations for building materials are greatly needed to see this completed.

Bibles and school textbooks are needed as well as other daily necessities.

If you feel led to help and support the ministry of the Haiti Evangelical Christian Mission, please contact Pastor St-Clair Destine at

Specific Ways to Help:

»» Purchase a Creole Bible for a new believer — $15.00
»» Purchase a Creole Children's Story book Bible — $15.00
»» Pay yearly tuition for a child to recieve a Christian education — $100.00
»» Purchase text-books for a student for one school year — $50 - $80
»» Help pay a GECS teacher's Salary (15 Staff) — $100 / month (each)

Help with the cost of materials for the new building:

»» Bag of cement (approx. 2000 needed) — $8.00 / each
»» Cement block (approx. 15,000 needed) — $1.00 / each
»» Rebar/Iron (appox. 20 tons needed) — $900 / ton

Additional Needs:

»» Copy Machine / Printer for Mission / School
»» Food to provide meal for school students
»» Sewing Machine for Women's Ministry
»» Solar Energy for Mission and Affiliate churches
»» Repair of wells for water

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OR Please send your donations to:

2 Rlle St-Clair Destine,
Mirebalais, Haiti