We need YOU — Will you answer the call?

Come experience the rural Haitian/Dominican life as a missionary in any of the following fields:

»» Teachers
»» Construction
»» Medical
»» Spiritual
»» Agriculture
»» Evangelism/ Outreach

We Welcome You —

»» Individuals
»» Youth short term mission trips
»» Adult ministry / project trips
»» Family Trips

We Need You —

»» Retired & current Pastors
»» Teachers to train people for the ministry
»» Retired & current physicians, nurses, medical technicians and professionals to operate a health clinic and Blindness Prevention Center
»» Masons & builders to construct churches, schools, benches and housing
»» Farmers to educate the people in the caring and planting of crops and vegetation
»» School teachers to educate our children
»» Many other areas of expertise are also needed

Any light God has given can be used. It only takes a willing heart.
Just come live with us and see.